Using the industry’s latest and greatest technologies, we build 100% mobile friendly – search engine optimized – lead generating websites for businesses.

IncPush – Calgary Web Design

This is not your nephews website design. The IncPush Marketing Team strategically builds websites with your business, marketing, and branding goals in mind.

Your website is a marketing tool that is used to showcase your business to millions of people and should be taken very seriously! Not only should the website have a beautiful design but should be scalable and include the functionality to generate leads and rank in search engines.

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Marketing Driven – Calgary Web Design

This is not your nephews website design!

1. Your Brand

The small business websites that we build are for 100% your brand. Every single website is strategically built and branded to suit the needs of each customer’s unique business needs.

2. Clear & Easy Navigation

Navigation is built with your products and services in mind. Our website design are completely scalable and grow as your business grows.

3. Carefully Designed Header Image

Our professional graphic designers on staff create eye catching designs that are geared to drive the interest of your website visitors.

4. Clear Explanation of Offering

A visitor should know exactly what you are offering as soon as they arrive at your website if not before. Visitors will leave a website that does not clearly explain the service or product they are offering.

5. Highlight Top Sales Points

Why are your visitors going to buy your product? Here is where we outline your top selling points and sell the customer on your product and/or service.

6. Initial Call to Action

The initial call to action is in place to show visitors how easy it is to reach out to you if they have questions of concerns. All call to actions include click to call mobile functionality and mobile responsive behaviour.

7. Further Information on Subject

Visitors to your website are often shopping around. By providing them all of the information that they are researching you are keeping them on your website and furthermore strengthening your trust with the customer.

8. Testimonials

Display your top testimonials to showcase your happiest customers. Reviews are huge in today’s digital world and force companies to take customer service seriously.

9. Final Call to Action / Contact Us

Finally, a contact for where customers can quickly reach out to you. Other ideas of calls to action include join our mailing list, or schedule an appointment today. Every business has different and unique goals that need to be addressed.

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One of the most surprising negative aspects about the competitive business world is that many small businesses still do not have a proper website online.

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